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// Professional, Detailed, Interactive


Using the latest 360 Cameras we are capable of capturing extremely high quality images to provide a realistic walkthrough experience to users, featuring advanced interactivity. 


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£200 ex. vat

  • Up to 20 Panoramas
  • Professionally Compiled
  • Hosted for Web & Software
  • Tailored Overlays
  • Basic Interactivity
  • White Label
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£350 ex. vat

  • Up to 35 Panoramas
  • Professionally Compiled
  • Hosted for Web & Software
  • Tailored Overlays
  • Advanced Interactivity
  • White Label
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£500 ex. vat

  • Up to 50 Panoramas
  • Professionally Compiled
  • Hosted for Web & Software
  • Tailored Overlays
  • Advanced Interactivity
  • White Label
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High Detail Virtual Walkthroughs

Exceptional Quality

We use only the best hardware and software for capturing and producing our Virtual Tour Walkthroughs, ensuring the highest quality.

Highly Detailed

Our cameras are capable of capturing high quality images, giving us the ability to show your premises in full detail, giving your customers a perfect viewing experience.


We apply various effects, overlays, and hotspots to our Virtual Tours, giving each tour a unique feel and unqiue ability to be interactive, via quizzes, mini games, popup media, and more.

Leading Technology

The hardware and software we utilise in producing Virtual Tours is industry-leading and powerful. We make sure to use the best technology within our reach to produce tours of the highest quality.

Focused for Purpose

We make sure to understand the requirements and needs of the client, and focus directly on providing a solution that matches their requirements, whilst meeting professional indsutry standards.

Professionally Produced

Our team has experience in shooting and producing a vast variety of Virtual Tours and Walkthroughs. We can guarantee to produce perfectly constructed tours, with excellent user experience, and results.

// Excellent Tours, Great Results

Give Customers an Attractive Tour

We are fully equipped with multiple state-of-the-art 360 Degree Virtual Cameras. Our team has shot and produced a variety of easy-to-use, interactive virtual walkthroughs which provided our clients with a growth in interest and revenue. 

We focus our Virtual Tours towards attracting your target audience to your business by giving them a highly detailed and interactive tour of your premise without having to travel. 

Virtual Tours are a great way to help your customers see your business and help them make the decision to use your services.

How will a Knexgen Virtual Tour help my business?

In a constantly changing market, virtual tours are a futuristic feature in modern times. Whether you’re selling a property or just displaying your business, a virtual tour is a perfect way of showing professionalism and displaying your location without the need of visitors or time wasters.

How much does a Virtual Tour cost?

Depending on what service you are looking for a virtual tour can cost as little as £100 and upwards of £1000. We have premade packages which give the most common essentials. You can also use our free calculator to get your custom quote.

Will I get to see the tour before it is finished?

If your package or service includes revisions then we will send you copies of your tour and make changes based on your revisions.

How long can it take to complete our Tour?

Depending on location, schedule, and scale, usually tours take between 1 and 6 weeks.

Will I own the completed Virtual Tour?

Yes, once the tour is completed you will have full ownership.

How is my Tour hosted online?

Upon completion, your tour will be uploaded and hosted on our servers, ensuring full uptime and reliability. 

I am not local to you can you still produce my Tour?

Yes, we can cover nationwide! Although, the quoted project may have an increased charge for travel. 

Featured Virtual Tour

// knexgen process

Our Process to Create Attractive Tours

Organising / Preparing

The time and date of the Virtual Tour Shoot will be organised and scheduled. We will begin preparing for producing your media.

Travelling / Shooting

We will travel to you, equipped with all the required cameras & supplies, and begin capturing the required media.

Exporting / Planning

Your media will be exported from our devices, and we will begin planning our next steps for production.

Compiling / Editing

Your media will be compiled together into our 3D software and we will begin applying our effects, techniques, and overlays.

Producing / Rendering

We will review the project and produce the first version of your new tour, which you will receive a link to view.

Reviewing / Final Render

You will have a chance to review your new Virtual Tour and use it first-hand. After which, you can give feedback and we will make any necessary changes before the final version is produced.


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What Our Clients Say
About Knexgen Media

Emilia Clarke
Albert Stokes
"I hired Knexgen Media to create a Virtual Tour for my Caravan Park. I am extremely happy with it."
Emilia Clarke
Yvette Neal
"I have had multiple remarks from customers about how good the Virtual Tour was to help them see what our restaurant looks like before visiting."
Emilia Clarke
Philip Tate
"Knexgen were efficient with creating my tour, and the outcome has been really beneficial. Would recommend."
Emilia Clarke
Jonathon White
"The Virtual Tour for my hair salon really brought more attention to my business."