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We record and render professional cinematic videos for products, services, properties, businesses and more. Promote your business the right way.


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£575 ex. vat

  • Up to 1 min Video Length
  • Cinematic Videography
  • Professionally Edited
  • 4K Resolution
  • Optimised for Web & Production
  • Animated Clips
  • Posted & Hosted Online
  • White Label
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£965 ex. vat

  • Up to 3 min Video Length
  • Cinematic Videography
  • Professionally Edited
  • 4K Resolution
  • Optimised for Web & Production
  • Animated Clips
  • Posted & Hosted Online
  • White Label
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£ 1450 ex. vat

  • Up to 5 min Video Length
  • Cinematic Videography
  • Professionally Edited
  • 4K Resolution
  • Optimised for Web & Production
  • Animated Clips
  • Posted & Hosted Online
  • White Label
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Cinematic Promotional Videos

Exceptional Quality

We record in crisp 4K quality, giving our clients the ability to showcase their videos anywhere, without worrying about loss of excellence.

Cinematically Shot

Our professional videographers are capable of producing stunning cinematic shots, showcasing your products, services, or business in beautiful ways.

Masterfully Edited

All of the videos we capture and produce meet the high standard we pride oursevles with. We edit our videos to provide stunning cinematic quality, whilst optimising for every use case, and purpose.

Promotional Media

Our teams constantly focus on producing media which will grab attention, and attract your audience towards the product, service, or any other purpose.

Leading Technology

The technology we utilise consists of the indsutry-leading cameras, and video software. We use only the best to ensure we deliver only the best.

Focused for Purpose

We make sure that we fully understand our clients needs and requirements, as well as the true purpose of the media, so we can deliver the perfect solution.

// Cinematic Video, Guaranteed Results

Promote Your Business The Right Way

At Knexgen Media we are equipped with the best video hardware and software available, which enables us to deliver beautifully cinematic promotional videos to our clients.

No matter if you are starting a business, or are already a widely known, established business, promotional material should be handled the right way.

We pride ourselves on the high quality media we provide to our clients and constantly focus on producing media which will provide astounding benefits.

Promote your products, services, properties, businesses, and more with Knexgen Media.

How will professional videography benefit my business?

Presentation of your business is of the utmost importance. If the images on your website aren’t uploaded correctly, or are of the wrong composition, you will lose the investments of your consumers. So while it is easier to take a video on your phone, it is essential to remember that a professional video will increase your business’ profits.

Great videography on any website is essential to grab the attention of the reader. Websites with professional videos receive higher conversion rates than those without.

How much can videography cost?

Depending on what service you require the price can start at £25 up to £1000.

We will always work with you to find the best price and service that fits your budget.

How long can it take to receive my photographs?

Depending on when the shooting is scheduled and how many images you require. It could take anywhere from 1 week (after capturing) to 5 weeks.

Will I own the videos?

Once the videos are signed off and are sent to you, you will have full ownership.

I am not local to you. Can you still photograph for me?

Yes! But it may cost more due to an added travel cost outside our local area.

// knexgen process

Our Process to Deliver Cinematic Videos

Organising / Preparing

We will schedule with you the time and date we will shoot our videos, as well as organise what we will require from you and ourselves.

Travelling / Shooting

We will travel to you, equipped with the camera and other videopgraphy supplies required for a successful shoot.

Exporting / Planning

We will export your video onto our systems and begin to organise them and plan how we will move forward with editing.

Compiling / Editing

We will compile your media into our software and begin the editing processes, applying our specific techniques and styles.

Producing / Rendering

We will review the project, and render out the first version, which will be sent to you to give you a chance to look over everything.

Reviewing / Final Render

You will be given the time to provide feedback so we can make changes to your media, to make it completely perfect.


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What Our Clients Say
About Knexgen Media

Emilia Clarke
Tyler Wallace
"I hired Knexgen to produce product promotional videos for my online shop. I was not disappointed. Highly Recommend."
Emilia Clarke
Lorene Brandt
"I requested custom cinematic videos to display as a backdrop inside my salon. They are perfect."
Emilia Clarke
Murray Conner
"I wanted videos to showcase the interior of my property. Knexgen Media was the perfect choice for the job."
Emilia Clarke
John Medina
"Knexgen provided a great and efficient service. And the videos were perfect. Will definitely be using again."