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We create stunning media productions to help businesses sell their services, products, parks, real estate, premises, and much more. Shooting photography and videography in stunning 4K resolution to produce 


Designed For The Best Results


£250 ex. vat

  • Up to 1 Minute Video
  • Up to 10 Aerial Photos
  • Professionally Edited
  • Optimised for Web
  • Posted & Hosted Online
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£ 520 ex. vat

  • Up to 3 Minute Video
  • Up to 20 Aerial Photos
  • Professionally Edited
  • Optimised for Web
  • Posted & Hosted Online
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£ 1000 ex. vat

  • Up to 5 Minute Video
  • Up to 30 Aerial Photos
  • Professionally Edited
  • Optimised for Web
  • Posted & Hosted Online
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Media to Boost Your Business

Cinematic Footage

We use state-of-the-art technology combined with years of experience to capture and produce smooth cinematic footage, whether it be by Drone, or Camera.

Stunning Quality Photographs

Equipped with the latest industry-leading equipment and cameras our team captures only the most exceptional photographs, always tailored towards your needs.

Action Fly-By's

Using the latest FPV drones, we are able to capture the most perfect, cinematic or fast-paced action fly-by shots, for any purpose.

Professionally Edited

Our team is highly experienced in media editing and producing. We can provide edits for anything from promotional videos, to cinematic drone videos, photographs, and advertisements.

Tailored for Purpose

We make sure to understand the requirements of every client we work with. Ensuring the media content we capture and produce will perfectly fit its purpose.

4K Rendering

We have access to powerful hardware and software which enables us to render media in the highest quality possible.

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Guaranteed to Get You Noticed

At Knexgen Media, we are equipped with a fleet of industry-leading Drones, with drones for every purpose. Our teams are highly trained, experienced, and licensed, to handle drones, and capture high quality footage. 

Our aim at Knexgen Media is to capture and produce Drone Media, including photos and videos, of the utmost quality. Thriving off the production of 4K stunning footage, perfectly fit for purpose, to get you noticed and boost your brand.

Boost your brand and get your business noticed with Knexgen Media. Stunning Media production for any business and any purpose.

How will professional drone media help my business?

In a constantly evolving market, many businesses need a way to stand out from the crowd. Rather than going for traditional photography, drone videos/photos are the best way to show professionalism and help you stand out!

How much does drone media cost?

Depending on what service you require the price can start at £50 up to £1000.

We will always work with you to find the best price and service that fits your budget.

Is it possible to see your previous drone work?

Yes, we have examples of our drone work displayed on our "Projects" page. 

Do you accept every client?

Unfortunately not. Although we try our best to accommodate for each client, if the Client is not a good fit then the opportunity will not be quoted. 

Will I own the completed drone media?

Yes! Once the media has been completed and signed off, you will have full ownership.

How long can it take to produce our drone media?

The entire process can take between 1 and 8 weeks, depending on the size and scale of the project. Typically, projects take 2 weeks to complete. 

Featured Drone Work

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Our Process to Achieve Stunning Media

Organising / Preparing

The time and date of the Drone Shoot will be organised and scheduled. We will begin preparing for producing your media.

Travelling / Shooting

We will travel to you, equipped with all the required hardware, and begin capturing the required media.

Exporting / Planning

Your media will be exported from our devices, and we will begin planning our next steps for production.

Compiling / Editing

Your media will be compiled together into our software and we will begin applying our effects and techniques.

Producing / Rendering

We will review the project and render out the first render of your media. Which we will send to you.

Reviewing / Final Render

You will have the chance to review your media and give feedback and any changes you want, before the final render is done.


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What Our Clients Say
About Knexgen Media

Emilia Clarke
Rolf Dyer
"I requested a cinematic drone video, and scenic drone photographs of my outdoor camping grounds. The outcome was perfect."
Emilia Clarke
Dominique Velasquez
"Knexgen Media were excellent, they travelled out to us the next day and collected all the photographs and videos necessary. Very professional and efficient,."
Emilia Clarke
Rodney Mccullough
"Knexgen Media made sure to find the perfect day for capturing our media to get the best quality possible."
Emilia Clarke
Nick Weiss
"The production quality of Knexgen Media is perfect. The editing, effects, and cinematic shooting, are professional, and created a stunning video showcase of our business."
Emilia Clarke
Carroll Greer
"We are over the moon with the results we received from Knexgen Media. Highly recommend."
Emilia Clarke
Chester Owens
"Very impressed and pleased with the work of Knexgen Media on our drone footage. Will definitely use again."